‘Monkeys’ OURIDA (Paris, 2010)

Ourida - voice, piano
Csaba Palotai - guitar
Sebastien Gastine - bass
Matthieu Gramoli - drums

Additional musicians and guests:
Jerome Lapierre - guitar (on ‘Heroic’), beatbox (ghost track)
Thomas Bloch - glass harmonica (on ‘Kiff’)
Greg Burrows - percussion (on ‘Fatima’)
Christophe Venter - guitar (on ‘Burnin’)
monkeys-paris-2010Jeff Hallam backup - voice (on ‘Burnin’)
Henry Lentino - bandolim / lute (on ‘Mornin lake)’
Thibault Frisoni - guitar (on ‘Joker’)
Jeanne Brisson - bass (on ‘Joker’)

 cov picture : Sophie Dusigne, cov design: Paul Hackmann, recorded at la Peche (Montreuil) by Michael Seminatore, mastered by Marwan Danoun

Coproduced by the Border studio (Michael Seminatore), Arcadi (Olivier Moreau) Quai de scene (Sophie Bellet) and la Peche (Philippe Cadiot) 

‘He flew high, and his wings melted… then what, Kubrick asked, is the moral of Icarus?
Is it ‘Don’t fly too close to the sun’ or is it, as Kubrick said he chooses to believe, ‘Build
better wings’?’ (Conversations with Billy Wilder)